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Taskers of Andover

The Tasker collection

Arthur Fuller became managing director of Taskers in 1932 and was the first to realise that Taskers had a unique history which should be preserved. In 1948 he and the company began to retrieve from all over the country engines and other things they had made in the past. In its final form, in a hall beneath 1960's company offices, the factory museum held 108 exhibits, including 23 engines and an RAF Spitfire on a Queen Mary Trailer.

Then, in 1968, Taskers was taken over by another company, and the collection had to be sold. A charitable trust was hurriedly formed to raise money to buy as much of it as possible. Hampshire County Council Museums Service was also alerted, so that when the sale took place in February 1969 nearly three-quarters of the collection was bought up and entered public ownership. The Tasker Museum Trust was wound up shortly afterwards, but the items they had saved then joined those bought by Hampshire County Council Museums Service.

The collection has been added to over the years, resulting in one of the most comprehensive single company collections in the public domain. It currently consists of the following examples of Taskers output


Where to see the Tasker collection

Many items from the collections are displayed at Milestones Museum in Basingstoke.

The Tasker archive is held at Chilcomb House in Winchester.
To view the archive contact us.

Tasker Steam engine

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