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Climbing Tower Hire

The Climbing Tower is available for off-site hire. It can be used for a wide range of occasions including; schools to meet specific learning outcomes or for activity days, by organisations arranging an event e.g. a festival or show, Birthday parties etc.

For small group sessions, e.g. a school class, the traditional belaying method can be used to enable the group to work together and learn new skills. For larger groups or events the self belaying system will be used as this allows more participants to take part in the activity.

The Climbing Tower measures 8 meters long by 3 meters wide when set-up and must have a 4 meter exclusion zone around it. The Climbing Tower sits on a trailer and is normally pulled by a Landrover so suitable access is essential, as is a level site. Please could we therefore ask you to take these details into account when deciding upon the suitability of having the Climbing Tower at your event and identifying where it will be located at your venue.

We will complete a pre-visit of the site in advance to check the access and proposed location.

A fully qualified Instructor and a second member of staff will bring the Climbing Tower to your event, set-up and operate it during the event.

It is not possible to hire the Climbing Tower off-site for self delivery, even if you have qualified Instructors available.

If you are hiring the Climbing Tower for an event and wish to charge participants 'per go', the Instructors will not be able to be involved in the collection of monies etc. This must be organised and staffed separately.

The costs detailed in the Important Information section opposite are based on the event venue being within 50 miles of Tile Barn (Brockenhurst) and the hire being between 9am and 5pm (including travel and an hour for lunch).

An additional charge could be made if the event venue is further away or the times are outside of the above.

Please contact us with the following details and we will be able to confirm availability and prices.


Important Information

Age range: 7 years +


  • School/youth groups £595 per day
  • All other groups £800 per day

Climbing tower

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