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BRT video visualisation

This short film was made for promotional purposes before the service opened, to show what travelling on the Eclipse service would look like. The film reflects the situation as at the time of production (Autumn 2011).

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Video Transcript

Welcome to this short, animated film created to show you the Eclipse Bus Rapid Transit, Phase 1, Fareham to Gosport, busway.

Designed to support transport in your community, the Eclipse busway is the first stage in our plans for a bus priority network that will link key towns and destinations in south east Hampshire.  High quality services will be provided from Gosport and Fareham to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and beyond.  Providing a viable alternative to the car will be essential if the region is to support plans for regeneration, economic growth and proposed new housing.

The busway has been built on the disused railway line between Redlands Lane in Fareham and Tichborne Way in Gosport.  It brings this transport corridor back into use as a new, dedicated busway for fast, reliable and frequent bus travel in one of the most congested parts of Hampshire.

This visualisation shows the new planting as it will look once fully established.  It is an artist’s impression, not an exact representation, so some minor details may differ slightly from the actual busway.

[Start of journey]

The Eclipse busway provides a traffic-free short cut for some of the bus services that run on the local routes in the community.  Rather than being delayed on the regularly congested A32, these buses will use the Eclipse busway for part of their journey, making them more efficient.  

This means that passengers can benefit from reliable journey times and can plan their onward travel connections.  For commuters, a new, direct bus service uses the busway to travel via Redlands Lane to Fareham Railway station and then along West Street to the town centre.  Stops at Gosport town centre and the bus and ferry terminal will also help with linked journeys.  


Here, we are following an Eclipse bus on its northbound trip from Gosport to Fareham.


As well as Eclipse approved buses and emergency service vehicles, cyclists are permitted to use the busway.  The busway will be closed from 11:15pm to 05.45am.  During the hours of closure, barriers at junctions along the busway will prohibit entry for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.  These will be monitored via closed-circuit TV cameras.

[Bus stops/facilities]

Passengers using Eclipse services can expect a lot more from their travel experience.  This includes high quality waiting facilities, with real-time passenger information advising on the arrival times of the next buses, comfortable seating, lighting and special features to ensure accessibility for all.  Secure cycle parking is provided at most bus stops, with the busiest stops at Wych Lane and Hutfield Link having covered cycle parking.  Bus stops and cycle parking are all covered by CCTV for security.

Buses have priority on the Eclipse busway.  As the bus approaches a junction, the traffic lights automatically change to red for normal traffic, turning green for buses.  Here, you can see the system in action at Wych Lane junction.


The best transport systems work seamlessly to enable people to plan their journeys and get to their destinations on time.  Free-standing information pillars provide walking maps from each stop on the busway.  Selected pillars also have screens that, depending on their location, will broadcast real-time bus arrivals together with train and ferry departures and other useful local information.

[Busway detail/how to use]


Looking after the environment has been a key consideration in the design and construction of the busway.  To help reduce our carbon footprint, low level street lighting has only been provided at junctions and bus stops, while solar panels in the roofs of most shelters will generate power to offset that used on the busway.


Eclipse is different, new, and exciting.  


The busway is used by more than one service, giving passengers the choice of getting the first bus or waiting for one that better suits their travel plans.  For guidance, real-time passenger information screens in the bus shelters will display when the next buses will arrive.  Passengers with visual impairment will be provided with a free special device that activates an aural mode on the screens.


The buses that travel on the Eclipse busway are subject to a special agreement between Hampshire County Council and the bus operators.  The result will be more efficient services using new, comfortable, low-emission buses that will raise your bus experience to the next level.

As well as being striking from the outside, the new-look buses have luxurious interiors for a stress-free, comfortable ride.  Individual leather seats, free Wi-Fi, on-board infotainment screens, wood-effect floors and under-seat lighting work together to go above and beyond your expectations.  


Eclipse offers a smoother ride altogether, with a new Gosport-Fareham travel card and comprehensive travel information on board, online and direct to your mobile.  Planning your travel and making connections for your onward journey couldn’t be easier.  Look out for the Eclipse-branded bus stops near you, or go to for details, timetables and real-time arrivals information for your local stop.

You needn’t expect to pay more, though – fares will be in line with current local bus fares.

[Longer term messages – wider BRT]

In the longer term, Hampshire County Council, in conjunction with Transport for South Hampshire, wants to deliver an extensive bus rapid transit network of high quality transport services, extending Phase 1 from Fareham railway station and town centre on to the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Port Solent, Tipner, Portsmouth and Havant with links to the ZIP 41 route to Waterlooville in the east, and also westwards to Whiteley, Segensworth and beyond.


Ultimately, the network will provide direct links to proposed major new employment and housing development sites, including the future North Fareham Strategic Development Area, Tipner, Gosport Waterfront and Dunsbury Hill Farm, as well as links to the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus Airfield in Gosport. The completed BRT network will directly benefit 100,000 households (that’s around 230,000 people who live within 1km of the proposed scheme), giving them a viable alternative to car travel.  

[Closing message]


You can expect more from Eclipse – the new Eclipse busway from Fareham to Gosport is just the beginning.

[Contact us]

For further information, go to or call 0845 603 5633.


The Eclipse busway was delivered by Transport for South Hampshire and Hampshire County Council, in conjunction with the South Hampshire Bus Operators’ Association.  Transport for South Hampshire is the promoter for sub-regional transport projects including Eclipse, as well as for policy, programme and operational matters.  TfSH is governed by a joint committee of the three strategic transport authorities in Hampshire (Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council and Southampton City Council), working in partnership with train and bus operators, Network Rail, the Highways Agency, Local Planning Authorities, major employers, the port authorities and other bodies.

£20 million of funding was provided for the Eclipse Phase 1 busway by the Government, via the Homes and Communities Agency, without which it would not have been affordable.


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