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Hampshire Trading Standards

Petrol safety

We strongly advise against storing petrol in your house.

If you feel you must store petrol at home all containers of petrol should only be stored in a well ventilated, secure, building, away from all sources of ignition e.g. fires; lights and any electrical installation such as sockets. An unattached garage or shed is better.

Containers of petrol must definitely not be stored under stairs or near doors, especially doors which could be a means of escape should a fire occur.

Ideally, there should be a fire extinguisher of foam or dry powder type, accessible at the storage place and a bucket of dry sand or absorbent granules available to soak up any spillage.

Petrol smells

If you are not storing petrol but believe the smell is originating from elsewhere, you can contact us for help and advice. If you believe the smell is strong enough to suggest there may be an imminent danger to safety, call the Fire Service on 999.

If you are storing petrol in the vicinity please check your containers are approved for petrol use, sealed and intact.

Media Release 01/10/2012

Don't Risk It - Illegal Petrol Storage


Petrol containers

To buy or store petrol in anything other than an approved container is illegal and highly dangerous!

Petrol should only be purchased and stored in approved containers. These must be secure and well labelled metal containers or approved plastic containers.

In addition to the amount of petrol stored in the tank of any motorcycle, car, mower, boat etc., you are allowed to store up to 2 x 10 litres (2 gallons) of petrol in approved metal containers, (or 1 x 10 litre metal with 2 x 5 litre in approved plastic containers).


How to report a product problem

Correct and incorrect containers for petrol

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