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No Cold Calling

Setting up a No Cold Calling Zone

No Cold Calling Zones sign

Complete a No Cold Calling Zone Request.

Receive a No Cold Calling Zone Consultation Pack from Trading Standards.

Formally consult every home in the proposed zone using our especially designed leaflets, to demonstrate that at least 66% are in favour.

Receive No Cold Calling Zone Resident’s Packs (including No Cold Calling Zone stickers) for distribution to all households in the proposed zone.

Zone is launched and the No Cold Calling Zone website is updated.

Optional external signage can be purchased and erected.


Detailed set up information

1. Read the No Cold Calling Process Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 79kb

This will ensure that you understand what is required and what you will need to do.

2. Submit a completed No Cold Calling Zone Request Form to Trading Standards

The No Cold Calling Zone Request Form will need you to supply the following information:

Your name, address and postcode, a contact telephone number and email address (optional). These details will be registered on Trading Standards’ database and may be passed to residents believed to live within the proposed zone area and to partners (such as the police) who may be involved in setting it up.

Name of road(s) that make up your proposed zone

Total number of households (also shown as number of houses per road)

3. Your request is logged

On receiving your No Cold Calling Zone Request Form, Trading Standards will officially log your request and notify your local partners (police, district council, local council and Accredited Community Safety Officers).

Your local police (and other partners) will make contact with you if they are able to assist with canvassing the views of the other households in your proposed zone (see Stage 6). If you do not hear back from these partners you will need to carry out Stage 6 without them in order to establish your zone.

4. Consultation Pack issued

Trading Standards will send you a No Cold Calling Zone Consultation Pack which includes:

Especially designed No Cold Calling Zone leaflets for delivery to each household prior to the consultation. These leaflets contain a section that each resident can complete and return to you (or those canvassing on your behalf).

Consultation Sheets (to record the view of each home in your proposed zone).

5. Proposed zone is initiated

Trading Standards will list your proposed zone on our website as ‘Out to consultation’.

6. Canvassing

You (as the requester of the zone, or others on your behalf) will need to canvass every home in your proposed zone, using the leaflets in the No Cold Calling Zone Consultation Pack. Once you have completed the Consultation Sheets you will then need to be return them to us at Trading Standards.

7. Information analysed

Trading Standards will check to see if your consultation has been successful, in that at least 66% of residents within your proposed zone are in favour. (If after 3 months, we have not received your completed Consultation Sheets, you will be notified and your proposed zone will be removed from the website.)

8. Outcome revealed

Trading Standards will confirm with you that the zone is now established and will send the No Cold Calling Zone Resident’s Packs for you to deliver to each household in your zone.

During busy periods there may be a delay in you receiving these packs. If you have requested external signs then we will invoice you accordingly.

9. Packs delivered

You confirm with Trading Standards that each household has received their pack.

10. Website updated

Trading Standards will update your zone’s website status to ’Launched‘. Your local police team (and other partners) will be informed.

11. Signage and publicity

A No Cold Calling Zone Signage Order Form can be submitted to Trading Standards at any time. Any external signage must be paid for and invoices will only be issued once a proposed zone has successfully completed stage 7 (as above).

Once your payment for signage is received (if relevant), the signage will be erected by Hampshire County Council (or in the case of wall mounted signs, supplied for you to erect). During busy periods there may be a delay in the installation/delivery of your signage.

A proforma press release will also be made available on request, should you wish to publicise the launch of your zone.




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