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Traffic Management

Vehicle Activated Signs

Vehicle Activated Signing (VAS) has been developed to address the problem of inappropriate speed where more conventional methods have not been effective or are not feasible.

Permanent VAS

These are permanently placed signs that typically display a recognisable sign, such as a junction warning sign. Following Department for Transport advice, these signs are used where there is a road casualty and traffic speed issue, and where no other suitable engineering measures can be provided. Their use is restricted to sites that meet this criteria in order to prevent their effectiveness as a casualty reduction measure from being diminished.

Speed Indicator Devices (SID)

SID signs show the actual speed of  approaching traffic or a symbol is displayed to indicate whether the approaching vehicle is exceeding the speed limit.

Speed Limit Reminders (SLR)

These signs incorporate a speed limit roundel and sometimes a ‘SLOW DOWN’ message. They are used on a short term basis to raise awareness of speed limits where community concern over traffic speeds exist and where a measured issue has been identified as a result.

The signs are generally attached to existing street furniture, such as street lighting columns or existing sign posts, for approximately two to three weeks. The signs are then moved to another location. It has been found that they are most effective when used on this basis.

The use of SLR signs is managed by district, town and parish councils following site assessments that are agreed by the Police and the County Council or district council.


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