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Hampshire County Council funding bids to Department for Transport

Update: additional Government funding (Cash Boost for Local Roads 2012)

In 2012 the Government announced a Cash Boost for Local Roads of £215m nationally and Hampshire County Council received a total allocation of £6.126m over two years. The money was provided to support carriageway resurfacing and reconstruction programmes to help recover damage caused by recent severe winters and improve the local road network generally. In 2013/14 Hampshire received the first tranche of funding of £3.990m and with the addition of:

The total structural maintenance programme for 2013/14 totalled £38.880m. Of this sum over £18m was programmed and spent on carriageway; resurfacing, reconstruction, patching and surface dressing.

In 2014/15 Hampshire received the second tranche of funding of £2.136m, and with the addition of:

The total structural maintenance programme for 2014/15 totalled £46.416m. Of this sum over £29m will be spent on carriageway resurfacing, reconstruction, patching and surface dressing.

Bids to Local Sustainable Transport Fund

In December 2013, the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that it was making available a total of £64 million for Local Sustainable Transport Fund projects in 2015 to 2016, excluding Bikeability training. It invited local authorities in England to submit bids by 31 March 2014. Hampshire County Council is a partner in five LSTF bids and these are summarised below.

A decision by the DfT on which bids have been successful is expected in summer 2014.

If you would like additional information about any of these bids please contact the County Council by email:

Application to Department for Transport Pothole Fund 2014 to 2015

Hampshire County Council has submitted an application to the DFT Pothole fund. The application documents are available for download below.

This bid seeks a proportion of the £200m identified in the 2014 budget statement for Local Authorities repair of potholes. Any funding received will be focussed on structural repairs where potholes and edge deterioration is prevalent, providing much needed additional resources to our annual patching programmes.

Supporting the economy by transforming travel connectivity in rural Hampshire: Bid £652,000

This bid seeks to make it easier for those living in isolated areas to access employment and services. The package seeks to deliver a range of sustainable transport solutions to widen travel choices in rural areas.

Stepping up connectivity in the Sci:Tech Corridor and the Blackwater Valley: Bid £1.684m

This joint bid in partnership with Surrey County Council is aiming to encourage greater use of public transport, walking and cycling for local journeys within and between the nine towns of Andover, Aldershot, Basingstoke, Camberley, Farnborough, Guildford, Staines, Whitehill-Bordon and Woking.

A Better Connected South Hampshire: Bid £1.73m

This joint bid is looking to deliver a number of sustainable travel initiatives to encourage travel behaviour change across the South Hampshire travel to work area, including the Isle of Wight, and Portsmouth and Southampton. This is looking to build on the current ‘large’ LSTF project.

The Two National Parks LSTF programme (2015/16 extension): Bid £2.053m

This joint bid covers both the New Forest and South Downs National Park areas (within which there are six Local Transport Authorities areas including Hampshire). It aims to help visitors to both National Parks to make greater use of sustainable transport options, thereby supporting the visitor economy. The bid seeks to build on the current 2 National Parks LSTF project.

‘Walk To’ project: Bid £3.980m

This joint bid led by Living Streets and Durham County Council, involving a total of 13 local authorities, of which Hampshire is one, will see targeted support for schools in Hampshire with either high carbon footprints or in areas with higher rates of obesity.


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