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Solent Local Transport Body

Solent Local Transport Body

8 October 2014 Closure of Solent Local Transport Body

On 8 October 2014 the board members agreed the closure of the Solent LTB, following the central government decision to route major transport scheme funding through the Local Growth Fund.

The previously agreed four prioritised transport schemes are being taken forward through the Local Growth Deal process. The four schemes are:

This web page will be closed in September 2015

19 May 2014: Transport Business Cases

Four transport schemes were prioritised by the Solent LTB in July 2013. Following prioritisation, each scheme proposer has developed a full and proportional transport business case. These are available to view below, and comments are invited on the business cases between Tuesday 27 May 2014 and Tuesday 19 August 2014. Should you have any comments on any of these business cases, please email them to by the 5pm on 19 August 2014. These comments will be considered prior to the Solent LEP Board committing funding to these schemes.

Appendices are not provided due to file size but can be made available on request to the above email address.

Each business case will be reviewed by an independent Investment Panel comprising an expert in transport scheme appraisal, University and Private Sector representation. The Investment Panel will provide advice to the Solent LEP, which will be considered alongside consultation responses.

About Solent Local Tranport Body

For 2015 to 2019 the government has devolved its funding for major transport schemes to new local transport bodies, to be formed by local transport authorities and local enterprise partnerships.

Hampshire County Council, Isle of Wight Council, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council and the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership ( Solent LEP) have applied to the government to establish the Solent Local Transport Body, to cover the same area as the Solent LEP and the Transport for South Hampshire and Isle of Wight partnership.

The remit of the new local transport bodies is to decide on major transport priorities between 2015 and 2019 and to award funding to prioritised schemes.

Existing statutory duties and responsibilities of local transport authorities are unaffected.  The Solent LTB is distinct from the Transport for South Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership, which has a wider remit on strategic transport matters.

The major transport scheme budget will be capital only and the government has indicated that the Solent area will receive a total of about £19.2m over the period 2015 to 2019. This funding will form part of the un-ringfenced Local Growth Fund.


Dates, agendas and key documents for past and future Solent LTB meetings are available from the meeting information system pages.
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Key documents

Local major transport scheme funding: round one prioritisation

There are two prioritisation rounds, see section two of the guidance notes below. Round one closed on Wednesday 12 June 2013. Applications recieved are available for download below.

Re-prioritisation: October 2013

Since the LTB invited applications for funding, it was announced in the 2013 Spending Review that devolved local major transport scheme funding would form part of the Local Growth Fund from 2015-16. That funding is no longer ring-fenced for transport and will not flow through Local Transport Bodies. Instead the decisions on use of Local Growth Funding will be made by Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and locally, this will be the Solent LEP.

Spend in 2015-16 must be spent in year and future funding allocations will be influenced by proven ability to deliver.

In consideration of these changes, it was felt that a re-assessment exercise should take place that would employ the original assessment methodology, but also interrogate evidence on ability to deliver in 2015-16, certainty over economic outputs, and certainty over local funding contributions.

11 October 2013: Six schemes were assessed in this second assessment exercise, five of these available for download below, final document to follow, please check back:

Re-prioritisation Exercise

The Solent LTB undertook a re-prioritisation exercise when it became clear from central government that there would be a focus on delivery in the 2015-16 year.

The re-prioritisation exercise employed the same methodology as used for round one, and was undertaken independently, with the results reported to the October meeting of the Solent LTB. The applications received in this exercise are provided below. Please note, the Asda Roundabout scheme was removed from the process as subsequent to the application being submitted it was awarded funding through the Local Pinch Point programme.

Round one applications

Round one applications received are available below:

Solent Local Transport Body members


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