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Transport Planning

Farnborough Town Access Plan

About the Farnborough TAP

The Farnborough Town Access Plan has been developed by Hampshire County Council in partnership with Rushmoor Borough Council and its aim is to improve access to facilities and services within the town.

The Plan puts forward a set of proposals and schemes which aim to:

Local residents and key stakeholders were given opportunities to tell us about local transport issues, concerns and aspirations at stakeholder consultation events and a public consultation event. The information gathered has been used to develop the Farnborough TAP, which has now been formally adopted by Hampshire County council in November 2011.  

The adopted Farnborough TAP includes a full list of local improvements, all of which are included in the Action Plan:

We would like to thank all the residents, business and stakeholders that participated in developing the document. The Plan will be reviewed and updated periodically to take into account completed works and new priorities.


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