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Proposed Footway – Pilcot Road, Crookham Village, Fleet


Hampshire County Council is promoting a public consultation on the proposal to implement a footway along the southern verge of Pilcot Road from Knights Close to the boundary of Crookham Village Parish with Dogmersfield Parish.

The scheme is at feasibility study stage and the final proposals will depend on the outcome of the consultation and detailed design.

Crookham Village Parish Council requested a footway along Pilcot Road following concerns raised to them by a public petition about pedestrian safety for those who walk along Pilcot Road. There is no footway provision and particular concerns were raised especially for those more vulnerable users who walk along Pilcot Road with young children and those who need to push buggies or prams. Either they have to walk along the roadside or use the grass verge which is unsuitable for walkers particularly during the winter and wet periods.

The footway proposals

The proposals are for:

To allow for the new footway construction new drainage pipes will need to be installed on the highway land to replace some sections of the ditch which would need to be filled in. The verge will be reinstated and seeded.

The intention is for changes to the existing vegetation to be kept to a minimum. Trees that are on the proposed footway alignment will need to be felled. These are clearly marked on the drawings - see links below.

Public consultation on the footway proposal

A public consultation on the proposals started on 24 September 2012 and finished on 21 October 2012.

An exhibition of the proposals was held at the WI Hall, The Street  in Crookham Village on 1 October between 6pm and 8 pm.

Results of the consultation and the decision about whether the proposals go ahead will be published on this page in early 2013.

Private properties along the proposed footway

The new footway and drainage works would be carried out on highway land. Most of the existing ditch is on highway land but in some sections the bottom of the ditch is the highway boundary and the top of the ditch is on private property.
The residents of the relevant private properties are being contacted individually as part of this consultation.

Background information about how were the proposals developed

Crookham Village Parish Council (CVPC) has been working together with Hampshire County Council and they have been involved in the development of the proposal to provide a suitable footway along this restricted route. The current proposals were a result of discussions with the parish council members at various meetings held in 2012.

During the development of the proposal CVPC expressed their views that the new footway should not be too intrusive in this rural location. As a response Hampshire County Council and the Parish Council considered various types of material and the footway width.

Various footway finishes were investigated and discussed with the Parish Council, such as binded aggregate and coloured asphalt. Both materials are available in a range of different colours but have high implementation costs and they present performance and maintenance issues. The use of a coloured surface is usually associated with urban areas, such as high streets and private developments, and they are not recommended for this location. More information about footway materials investigated during feasibility study are in this document:

Various footway widths were also discussed with the Parish Council. The footway widths within the Village location are generally a minimum of 1.8m as found along Knights Close. In this particular location a footpath width of 1.5m to 1.8m would be expected to be adequate as the number of pedestrians is low.

It is recommended that a standard macadam footway is implemented in line with that found throughout the village and at other rural locations in Hampshire, and consideration is given to the width of the footway along the route.


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