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Stubbington bypass: improving access to Fareham and Gosport

Updated 3 August 2015

Planning permission application submitted

The planning application for the Stubbington by-pass has been submitted to the County Council.

As part of the formal planning process the application is open for comments until Friday 11 September.

The application can be viewed online, and at Fareham Borough Council, and the County Council's head offices in Winchester.

The £30 million bypass will:

Executive Member decision day 4 November 2014

On 4 November 2014 the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment considered a report on the summer public consultation.

The Executive Member approved the preferred schemes in the report, with all necessary work to be started in order to enable the following construction start dates:

Results of summer 2014 public consultation

Results of the public consultation exercise which ended on 4 July 2014:

Public consultation 9 June to 4 August 2014

The consultation set out proposals for:

  1. Stubbington Bypass: preferred route linking Titchfield gyratory and Titchfield Road to Gosport Road and Peel Common roundabout
  2. Peel Common roundabout: interim (phase 1) improvements
  3. Newgate Lane southern section: ‘eastern alignment’ improvement linking to Peel Common roundabout
  4. A27 Corridor Improvements: phases 1 and 2 junction capacity
  5. improvements and upgrading to dual carriageway A27 Corridor phase 3 junction improvements only (no dualling)

The consultation document showing all the plans and proposals can still be downloaded:

Exhibition dates June to July 2014

The plans were exhibited between 9 June and 31 July at nine staffed exhibitions and at three unstaffed exhibitions.

March 2014: Executive Member decision brings Stubbington Bypass closer

At a decision day meeting on 17 March 2014 the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment approved preferred options for four strategic transport infrastructure schemes to improve access to Fareham and Gosport. The four schemes are:

The Executive Member decided that a further round of public consultation should be undertaken in June and July 2014 as set out above.

Download documents

Newgate Lane northern section improvements

For the Newgate Lane northern section improvements please see the separate Newgate Lane page.

Background summary

Newgate Lane (northern section)

Detailed proposals have been developed for a major improvement scheme for the B3385 Newgate Lane between and including the junctions with Palmerston Drive at the northern end and Peel Common roundabout to the south.

Peel Common Junction

Interim improvements to Peel Common junction include the provision of traffic light controls on the roundabout and revised pedestrian, cycle and bus stop facilities. Public views will help inform the technical work on further development of these plans which will be subject to further consultation within the local area.

Western Access to Gosport including a Stubbington Bypass

This includes improvements to the A27 between Titchfield and Segensworth and a bypass for the village of Stubbington. Initial work has identified three principal route corridors for a Stubbington bypass.

  1. improving the B3334 Gosport Road from Peel Common roundabout, then providing a new junction with a bypass route to the east of Stubbington, and linking via a new road junction into the B3334 Titchfield Road to the north of Stubbington

  2. providing a new bypass route from the B3385 Newgate Lane at a point to the north of the Peel Common waste water treatment plant, to the south-western corner of the HMS Collingwood site, following its western boundary, and then turning west towards a new road junction at the B3334 Titchfield Road north of Stubbington

  3. improving the existing Longfield Avenue from its junction with Newgate Lane westwards to a point near the north-western corner of the HMS Collingwood site, where the route leaves Longfield Avenue and heads west towards a new junction with the B3334 Titchfield Road north of Stubbington


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