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Travel and Transport to School

School travel: our strategy to promote sustainable modes of travel to school

Summary of the Sustainable Travel to School Strategy 2010

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 places a general duty on local authorities to promote the use of sustainable transport on the school journey. Sustainable travel is any form of transport that keeps damage to our environment, and therefore to the future, to a minimum.

The sustainable travel to school strategy builds on other related policies, initiatives and strategies at both national and local level to improve the safety, health, well-being and future prospects of young people. The strategy takes into account the needs of young people with disabilities, extended schools, 14-19 diplomas and the future needs of schools and pupils.

Our vision for travel to school is to help children and young people in Hampshire travel to places of education and training in ways that are sustainable and good for their health, personal development and independence. It has the following objectives:

The County Council hopes to achieve these in partnership with schools, colleges, the police, and parents.

The strategy builds on work done by schools through their travel plans. It offers practical support to schools and to parents/carers when making decisions on schools and the school journey.  It provides a single source of travel information, with contact details for more specialised support, which you can access from either the County Council or school website.


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