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Underage Sales

Underage Sales Test Purchasing

During the year we need 16 -16½ year old volunteers to help with alcohol, tobacco, and other age restricted products test purchasing to check shops are complying with the law.

Volunteers needed

Are you are interested in helping us during occasional school holidays, evenings or weekends?

What happens

Volunteers will be asked to enter shops and attempt to purchase age restricted products. They behave as ordinary customers, under the supervision of a trading standards officer. National best practice guidelines are followed to ensure that test-purchasing is fair. If a sale takes place, legal proceedings may follow. If challenged they will be instructed to tell the truth about their age.

An officer will be present all times while in the premises .

It's safe

In carrying out test purchasing exercises we will ensure that the welfare considerations of the child are paramount.

Volunteers work under close supervision and in accordance with best practice procedures. We will visit volunteers and their parents first to discuss and explain matters fully. Staff are 'Police cleared' to work with youngsters.

Volunteers would not have to visit premises near where they live, or close to their school or where they socialise. It is often helpful for two friends to help us together.

Although we cannot pay the volunteers we do provide an appropriate meal and suitable refreshments throughout the day.

A certificate that can be used for Record of Achievement/Citizenship portfolios is also provided. Some volunteers have used it as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.


To be a volunteer contact

Steve Lawford
Trading Standards
Montgomery House
Monarch Way, Winchester SO22 5PW

tel 01962 833620


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