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Code of Commissioning and Procurement:

July 2008

Commissioning and Procurement Code Microsoft Word 283kb


Executive Summary

The terms commissioning, procurement and contracting are often used interchangeably. This leads to confusion and poor understanding.

Commissioning and procurement is defined, for the purposes of this code, as the process of acquiring goods and services. This process spans the whole cycle from the strategic identification of needs, through to service specification, tenders and contracts, and review. The purchasing (or buying) of goods or services is part of that process.

Recent government guidance indicates that commissioning and procurement with the third sector should include:

This code aims to change behaviour so that these principles become part of the culture of the way the public and third sectors work together in Hampshire.

This code of practice supports the delivery of the Hampshire Local Area Agreement (LAA) outcome “Empower local people to have a greater voice and influence over decision making and the delivery of services”. It will apply to all public sector partners of the Hampshire LAA and the Third Sector. The code is also a supporting document to the One Compact for Hampshire, a framework for the working relationship between Hampshire County Council and the Third Sector. Fundamentally the code aims to:

The code is intended to mark a step change in how commissioning and procurement engages Third Sector partners within good practice and legislative requirements. It focuses on:

Monitoring and evaluation of this code will be undertaken by partners of the Hampshire Local Area Agreement and One Compact on a regular basis.


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