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Waste and Recycling

What happens to your recycling?

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

All of the recyclable materials from Hampshire's kerbside collections (cans, plastic bottles, paper, card, tins and empty aerosols) are sent to one of two Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in the county - either Portsmouth or Alton.

The materials are separated using a combination of manual and automatic processes, including magnets, conveyor belts and lasers, before being is baled up and sent to private companies for recycling into new products. Together, the two facilities are able to handle up to 157,000 tonnes of recyclables every year.

Pictures courtesy of Veolia Environmental Services Hampshire


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Veolia Environmental Services manage Hampshire's waste processing facilities.

Hampshire’s Councils are working together under the banner of Recycle for Hampshire to encourage people to recycle more, more often.

Conveyors at Alton MRF

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