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Re-use of Council Copyright Material

Click-use licence - public sector information

This licence covers those circumstances where Public Sector Information can be reproduced free of charge under a standard set of terms and conditions.

Licence to reproduce Public Sector Information

1. Introduction

1.1 This Licence explains how users throughout the world may reproduce material produced by Hampshire County Council.

1.2 This Licence is an offer of Licence terms from Hampshire County Council. This Licence explains:

2. Purpose and scope of this Licence

2.1 The main purpose of this Licence is to provide users with a quick and effective way to obtain permission to reproduce the material listed at Box 2 of your Application Form

2.2 This Licence does not cover information which is exempt from disclosure to the public under Freedom of Information and data protection legislation.

3. Definitions

In this Licence, the terms below have the following meanings:

 Application:  your application for a licence to reproduce the Material. Applications can be made online.

 End-user: users and subscribers who access electronic or digital products, publications and services.

End-user Licence:  a licence issued by publishers of electronic products and publications setting out the terms of use to End-Users.

Licence:   this offer of terms and the completed Application Form.

Material:  as detailed in Box 2 “Full description of Material to be covered by this Licence” of the Application Form [hyper link to the completed Box 2]

Official Source:  any publication, product or information service that has been made available to the public by us or on our behalf. This includes our official website.

Our, us and we:  Hampshire County Council

You, your:  any person, organisation or company who wishes to reproduce the Material covered by this Licence.

4. How can I obtain a Licence?

4.1 Please read the terms of this Licence first. Then either complete the Application Form at [insert website address] or request a hard copy from [insert contact details]

4.2 Once we have received your Application you will receive the following details from us:

If you apply online you will receive an e mail acknowledgment from our Hantsweb team. If you send your form as a hard copy you will be sent the acknowledgment within five working days.

5. Material covered by this Licence

The Material may be reproduced under this Licence for the purposes described at paragraph 7 under the terms of this Licence.

6. Items falling outside the scope of this Licence

If any of the Material falls outside the cope of this Licence you will be notified in our e mail acknowledgment.

7. How the Material may be reproduced

In this Licence, to reproduce includes the following non-exclusive rights throughout the world.

7.1 publishing the Material in any medium, providing that this is not for profit making purposes. Publishing includes featuring the Material on websites that can be accessed via the world-wide web or via an internal electronic network or on an intranet;

7.2  authorising users and subscribers, who use your electronic or digital products to access the Material by means of your End-User Licence. This will normally allow users and subscribers to download the material to screen and printer for their own use. It does not otherwise allow you to authorise the reproduction of the Material;

7.3  translating the Material from the English into other languages provided that the translations are accurate and made by a competent translator;

7.4 copying the Material for non-commercial research or private study;

7.5 converting to braille and other formats for people who are visually impaired;

7.6 copying by libraries;

7.7 copying for the purposes of news reporting. This includes broadcasting on radio and television;

7.8 photocopying or scanning the Material from an Official Source. 

8. Period

This Licence is for the period of five years from the date of your Application.

9.  Obtaining the Material

9.1  In most cases you will be able to reproduce the Material from the Official Source as long as you are careful not to infringe the copyright of another party. You may reproduce the Material by whatever means you choose, including scanning, downloading from our website or by re-keying.

9.2  We may be able to supply the Material you want to reproduce in alternative formats, such as digital. Please contact us at [insert contact details] with details of the format you would prefer. We will tell you whether the Material is available in that format and what the supply costs will be.  

10. Charging

Subject to paragraph 9.2 above, you can, reproduce the Material covered by this Licence direct from an Official Source without any charge.

11.  Our obligations

We aim to:

if you are dissatisfied with the standard of service you receive from us, you can make a formal complaint. We will deal with it by following our complaints procedure. You can find this on our website at [insert] or please e-mail us at [insert] or telephone [insert] and we will send you details.

12.  Your obligations

You must:

send us, if we ask for it, a copy of your standard End-user Licence

13. Changes to the terms of this Licence

We have the right to change the terms of this Licence. Your existing Licence will be honoured for the time it has left to run, unless you wish to terminate it and take out a new Licence on the revised terms.

14.  Ending the Licence

14.1 We reserve the right to end this Licence if there is a significant breach of any of the terms and you do not put this right within 60 days of our telling you in writing or by e-mail.

14.2 You have the right to end the Licence at any time by e-mail or in writing.  

15.  Assignment

This Licence may not be assigned.

16. Disclaimer

We have made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Material is up to date and accurate but we make no warranty, representation or guarantee that the Material is error free. Your use of the Material under this Licence is entirely at your own risk.

17.  Governing law

This Licence is made under the laws of England and Wales and comes under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


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