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Basingstoke Life

1. Milestones in Road Transport History

A promotional fílm chronicling the development of Thornycroft vehicles and equipment from 1896-1946.
Thornycroft Film Unit; 1946; B/W; sound

2. Tylney Hall

Society gatherings are pictured taking place at the home of shipping magnate Lord Rotherwick, at Tylney Hall, near Basingstoke.
The Cayzer family; 1926-30; B/W; silent

3. 1951 Pageant of Basingstoke

Amateur silent fílm showing the Pageant held at Basingstoke, to coincide with the Festival of Britain, 14-16 June 1951.
W G Jones; 1951; Colour; silent

4. Mayors Sunday

Councillor John Peats Mayoral Sunday parade in the town centre, June 1962.
Robert Brown; 1962; Colour; silent

5. Jacksons New Premises

Amateur fílm showing the construction of Jacksons garage and motor dealership m Wote Street, 1962.
Mr Baker; 1962; Colour; silent

6. Basingstoke Trains

Footage of steam trains in operation at Basingstoke at the end of the 1960s.
Edward Griffith; 1968; Colour; silent

7. Basingstoke 1969

Redevelopment of the town centre and the continuing growth in population is shown in this amateur cinefilm.
Derek Hill; 1969; Colour; silent


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