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Experiencing Disability

1. A Great Work, part 2

Promotional film for Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital and College at Alton, showing life there for crippled boys in 1923. (British Pathe (commissioned); 1923; B/W; silent)

2. The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress- Sir Maurice and Lady Jenks - visit the Treloar homes

Amateur footage of a visit in 1933, featuring patients, nursing staff and dignitories. (Mrs D Campbell and W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1933; B/W; silent)

3. A Job Well Done

Gaumont British Instructional film about Treloars in 1944. (Gaumont British Instructional; 1944; B/W; sound)

4. Lest We Forget

Extracts from footage of the war village at Enham Alamein in 1937, showing former servicemen employed and living with their families, thanks to the Enham Trust. (Associated British Picture Corpn.; 1937; B/W; silent)

5. Disabled Persons

Made by Portsmouth factory owner W J Evans in about 1950, this extract shows disabled staff at work and makes a plea for other employers to take on more such workers. (W J Evans; c1950; B/W; silent)

6. Out and About

Extracts showing pupils of Aster House School in Southampton at Summer School in Stubbington, 1959. (Weston Park Film Unit; 1959; Colour; sound)

7. Disabled at Le Court

Extracts from 1960s film made by residents of this Cheshire Foundation Home near Liss, showing the use of adaptive technology to make their lives easier. (Le Court Film Unit; 1960s; Colour;sound)

8. Lifeline

Jubilee Sailing Trust film showing disabled people crewing tall ship Lord Nelson, and helping to build her successor. (Jubilee Sailing Trust; 1997; Colour; sound)

9. Our Job is Making a Difference

A 2005 DVD about Treloar School and what it has to offer, which contrasts with the other films shown earlier in the sequence. (Treloar Trust; 2005; Colour; sound)


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