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Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Fordingbridge Life

1. As Years Go By

The history of Fordingbridge is outlined in a short film which includes footage from the 1960s and 1987, together with photographs from the early 1900s. Commentary by Jack Hood.
Jack Hood; 1987; Colour; sound

2. The Last Run

This film records the final day of running of the railway between Adderbury Junction and West Moors on 4 May 1964, due to the Beeching cuts. The line passed through Fordingbridge, where most of the filming takes place. Commentary by Jack Hood (whose own coal business was affected).
Jack Hood; 1964; Colour; sound

3. Hundred of Ford

Made in 1961, this film explores the town and surrounding countryside, which make up the ancient county division of the Hundred of Ford, through the four seasons of the year.
Jack Hood; 1961; Colour; sound


1. Focus on Fordingbridge

This film takes a look at everyday leisure and workmg activities around the town, and includes scenes of bread making at Mellors Bakery, the school, the towns Fire Service attending a blaze at a nearby farm, the famous football club, and a visit to the local barber.
Jack Hood; 1960s; Colour; sound

2. Tribute

film footage of the occasion on 1 October 1967 when Earl Mountbatten unveiled a statue of the artist Augustus John, created as a tribute in the gardens of Southampton House. Those present include the artists widow, Mrs Dorelia John, and Sir Charles Wheeler, former president of the Royal Academy of Arts. Commentary by Jack Hood.
Jack Hood; 1967; Colour; sound

3. Silver Jubilee Celebrations 1977

Fordingbridges celebrations for the Queens Silver Jubilee included the roasting of a whole ox - which took two days to cook! Commentary by Jack Hood.
Jack Hood; 1977; Colour; sound


Film still from barbers shop

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