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Industry and Advertising

This film compilation is available to borrow from various Hampshire Libraries. Search the library catalogue to see which Hampshire libraries hold this film. It is also available for reference only at Hampshire Record Office. You can also search our online catalogue to find other archive films and sound recordings we hold relating to this topic.

1 Modern Brewery Practice

A professional silent fílm depicting the Southsea brewery of Long and Co.
Film-makers unknown; 1920s; B/W; silent

2. The Key

Promotional fílm by Portsea Island Mutual Co-operative Society, advertising the range of home furnishings available from their retail stores.
PIMCO; c1935; B/W; silent

3. Local Newspaper

A Central Office of Information film about the Newbury Weekly News in 1952, following the progress of local stories to print.
Crown Film Unit; 1952; B/W; sound

4. The News Today

Promotional film made for Portsmouth Publishing and Printing, showing the production of the citys daily evening newspaper.
Burbank Film & Video; 1986; Colour; sound


1. Safety First

A Portsea Island Mutual Co-operative Society fílm advertising its dairy products, with footage of the Dairy, sterilisation processes and milk delivery by hand cart through the streets of Portsmouth during the 1930s.
PIMCO; c1935; B/W; silent

2. Time off my hands

An advertising film commissioned by Hoover Ltd., showing that firms latest washing machine coming to the rescue of beleagured housewife "Betty", m this 1950s fictional narrative.
Hoover Ltd./Publicity Films Ltd.; cl950; B/W; sound

3. A Name to Remember

A promotional film for Reading-based confectioners Huntley & Palmer, featuring the fírms new Liverpool factory and depicting a variety of production processes used m both locations.
Huntley & Palmer/Harold Goodwin; c1960; Colour; sound


1. The Royal Baker

A 1937 promotional fílm featuring the Reading-based biscuit manufacturers Huntley and Palmers.
GB Screen Services/Huntley & Palmer; 1937; B/W; sound

2. Bride and Prejudice

Made in the 1950s for the British Electrical Development Association, this advertising fílm promotes a range of post-war labour- saving home appliances.
Ronald M Riley/BEDA; 1950s; Colour; sound


Film still showing 1980s office

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