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Wessex Film and Sound Archive

The PIMCO years

1. Behind the Scenes (extracts)

PIMCO Butchery department and Grocery warehouse, c1935.
PIMCO; B/W; silent

2. PIMCO Fire

Amateur film of the fire at PIMCO s central premises, 20 July 1934.
Clifford Worley; B/W; silent

3. Building Works (extracts)

Footage of the construction of Co-operative House, filmed between 1935 and 1937, also showing the opening of the new store in September 1937.
PIMCO; B/W and Colour; silent

4. The Key

Advertising film made by PIMCOs Publicity department m the 1930s, promoting home furnishings, etc.
PIMCO; B/W; silent

5. Madame Decides (extracts)

Promotional film by PIMCOs Publicity department, c1936, showing womens fashions modelled by staff members.
PIMCO; B/W; silent

6. The Foundation of Beauty (extracts)

1930s advertising film featuring corsetry available in PIMCOs retail stores.
PIMCO; B/W; silent

7. Safety First

Promotional film for PIMCOs dairy products in the 1930s, with footage of the PIMCO Dairy, sterilisation processes and milk delivery by hand cart through the streets of Portsmouth.
PIMCO; B/W; silent

8. PIMCO Bakery (extracts)

1930s footage of production processes at the PIMCO Bakery.
PIMCO; B/W; silent

9. Behind the Scenes (extracts)

The Hairdressing department and Vehicle Maintenance depot, c1935.
PIMCO; B/W; silent

10. PIMCO Newsreels (extracts)

1930s footage of the annual PIMCO Sports Day, the PIMCO Radio Exhibition, the July 1935 staff outing to Hampton Court, and the 1936 Olympiad.
PIMCO; B/W and Colour; silent

11. Our Society in Jubilee Year 1977 (extracts)

A celebration of the Queens Silver Jubilee, with footage of the post-war Co-operative House, prior to its demolition m the 1980s.
Patrick Taggart for PIMCO; Colour; silent


Film still of Coop shop

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