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Portsmouth Heritage

This film compilation is available to borrow from various Hampshire Libraries. Search the library catalogue to see which Hampshire libraries hold this film. It is also available for reference only at Hampshire Record Office. You can also search our online catalogue to find other archive films and sound recordings we hold relating to this topic.

1. A Question of Defence

Short documentary charting the development of Portsmouth as a strategic defensive town and naval port.
Royal College of Art; 1969; B/W; sound

2. Masonic Procession

Early footage of Freemasons processing along Fawcett Road to the site of St Matthews Church, Southsea, on 21 May 1902.
Alfred J West; 1902; B/W; silent

3. Our Navy and Our Army

Military and naval exercises at Portsmouth, fílmed by pioneer cinematographer Alfred J West, 1897-1900.
Alfred J West; 1897-1900; B/W; silent]

4. Field Gun Run

Early footage from Wests Our Navy series, depicting a Royal Navy field gun run.
Alfred J West; cl900; B/W; silent

5. Russo-Japanese War Programme

Taken by West, this footage of Royal Navy exercises in North Harbour formed part of a fake Newsreel in 1905.
Alfred J West; cl905; B/W; silent

6. The Southsea Review (extracts)

Local events captured in 1938, by Portsmouth Cine Club members.
Portsmouth Cine Club; 1938; B/W; silent

7. John Pounds Workshop

A silent film recalling the philanthropic cobbler, made by Portsmouth Cine Club to mark his death in 1839.
Portsmouth Cine Club; 1939; B/W; silent

8. History of Portsmouth (extracts)

Silent colour footage from the PIMCO publicity department, featuring many Portsmouth landmarks lost during World War Two bombing raids.
PIMCO; cl937; Colour; silent


Film still showing sandbags around building during WW2

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