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Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Southampton Life

1. Hythe Ferrythe Hythe Ferry "Hampton" travels from Southampton to Hythe

Film-maker unknown; cl926; B/W; silent

2. Arrival of Amelia Earhart

Amateur silent footage of the American aviatrix arriving at Woolston in her seaplane Friendship, in 1928.
H Scott-Paine; 1928; B/W; silent

3. Flying Boats and Tram Ride

Three short sequences depicting Imperial Airways, RAF and Dornier DO-X flying boats, and a tram ride in Southampton.
Film-maker unknown; 1928-30; B/W; silent

4. General Election 1931

Amateur footage of W Craven-Ellis on campaign.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1931; B/W; silent

5. Bert Hinckler

The Australian-born aviator touches down at Eastleigh Airfíeld.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1931; B/W; silent

6. Zeppelin over Southampton

The renowned airship glimpsed in July 1932
R Barrington-Smith; 1932; B/W; silent

7. Royal Agricultural Show 1932

The Duke and Duchess of York visit the Royal Agricultural Societys annual show on the Common in July 1932.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1932; B/W; silent

8. Summer Memories 1932

Further amateur footage of the Duke & Duchess.
R Barrington-Smith; 1932; B/W; silent

9. Civic Offices Opening Ceremony

The fírst stage of Southamptons Civic Centre development is opened by the Duke & Duchess of York in 1932.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1932; B/W; silent

10. Opening of the Graving Dock

Amateur newsreel showing King George V and Queen Mary opening Southamptons new dry dock in 1933.
F B Heathcote-Wride; 1933; B/W; silent

11. Graving Dock

Another view of the opening ceremony.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1933; B/W; silent

12. Events of 1933

amateur footage of scenes and events taken in and around Southampton during 1933.
R Barrington-Smith; 1933; B/W; silent

13. Australia .v. Hampshire

Footage of a 1934 cricket match between the Australian team and Hampshire CCC at the County ground.
R Barrington-Smith; 1934; B/W; silent

14. Southampton v Stone

Saints in action at the Dell, in 1932.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1932; B/W; silent


1. Southampton footage of the George V Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1935

Frank Bealing; 1935; B/W; silent

2. Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Includes scenes of the Jubilee Procession.
R Barrington-Smith; 1935; B/W; silent

3. Hamble Cliff Estate in the making

British Marine employees housing, and aircraft hangars under construction, in the grounds of Hamble Cliff House.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; c1935; B/W & Colour: silent

4. Queen Marys Maiden Voyage

Amateur footage from 1936.
Mrs D Campbell & W Craven-Ellis, MP; 1936; B/W; silent

5. Queen Mary, Southampton

Amateur footage of the liner sailing and in dry dock, prior to her Maiden Voyage in 1936.
D S Cole; 1936; B/W; silent

6. St Marys Church

Parishioners and events at the church in 1936, including the funeral of the "Queen Mary"s captain, Sir Edgar Britten.
Film-maker unknown; 1936; B/W; silent

7. Opening of the Guildhall

The completion of the third stage of the Civic Centre is marked by the official opening of Southamptons Guildhall in 1937.
Film-maker unknown; 1937; B/W; silent

8. Southampton Guildhall

Further, amateur footage of the Opening Ceremony.
R Barrington-Smith; 1937; B/W; silent

9. Southamptonthe George VI Coronation Fair on the Common, 1937

Frank Bealing; 1937; B/W and Colour, silent

10. Basque Refugees at Stoneham

Amateur film depicting the childrens camp at North Stoneham in 1937.
Rev. H Horton; 1937; B/W; silent

11. Art Gallery Opening

Colour footage of the opening of the fínal stage of Southampton Civic Centre, in 1939.
Film-maker unknown; 1939; Colour; silent

12. Homecoming of Their Majesties

The King and Queen arrive at Southampton for a civic ceremony after a successful tour of Canada and the United States.
Martin Photographic; 1939; Colour; silent

13. Southampton

More colour footage of their Majestíes arrival at Southampton.
Frank Bealing; 1939; Colour; silent

14. Their Majestíes Return

This amateur fílm also depicts the towns celebrations as the King and Queen return via Southampton.
R Barrington-Smith; 1939; B/W; silent



Still of Hythe ferry booking office

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