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Wessex by Wave

This film compilation is available to borrow from various Hampshire Libraries. Search the library catalogue to see which Hampshire libraries hold this film. It is also available for reference only at Hampshire Record Office. You can also search our online catalogue to find other archive films and sound recordings we hold relating to this topic.

1. Cunarders at Southampton

Documentary film about the great Cunard liners, including footage of the Aquitania being taken out of service in February 1950.
Matthew Nathan; 1950; Colour; sound

2. Hythe Ferry

The Aquitania and Albertic are just two of the liners seen from the Hythe Ferry Hampton, as it leaves Southampton ferry pier in 1926.
T W Percy; 1926; B/W; silent

3. Port of Destiny

Footage of various early liners is contained in this extract from a post-War documentary about Southampton Docks.
Carlyle Productions; 1947; B/W; sound

4. Launch of the Queen Mary

Amateur footage of the launch of Cunard liner No. 534, the Queen Mary, at Clydebank, 26 September 1934.
Mrs D Campbell & Mr W Craven-Ellis; 1934; B/W; silent

5. Queen Mary at Cowes Road and in the Graving Dock

The ship arrives at Southampton in 1936 for fitting out, prior to her maiden voyage.
F B Heathcote-Wride; 1936; B/W; silent

6. Newsreel 1936

Amateur newsreel footage of the Queen Mary at Southampton, during the Spring of 1936.
C A Russell & Ken Craigie; 1936; B/W; silent

7. Queen Marys Maiden Voyage

Thousands of spectators watch as the famous liner leaves Southampton for the first time, on 27 May 1936.
Mrs D Campbell & Mr W Craven-Ellis; 1936; B/W; silent

8. Port of Destiny

Another extract from this documentary shows the Queen Elizabeth and preparations at Southampton Docks for D-Day, 1944.
Carlyle Productions; 1947; B/W; sound

9. Southampton

This amateur film shows the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in Southampton Water.
Frank Bealing; 1936-48; B/W & Colour; silent


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