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Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Gramophone Discs

As a regional archive, WFSA has concentrated its resources on collecting items of local, rather than more general interest. The Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital collection, for example, includes a disc made in 1907 by Sir William Treloar himself, exhorting potential benefactors to help fund his hospital at Alton. Sir Winston Churchill can be heard receiving the Freedom of Portsmouth in 1950, and later making a speech at the banquet in his honour, on a set of limited edition discs produced by local recording studios Alan Brown Ltd.
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During World War Two, the Evans & Son engineering firm of Portsmouth had evacuated to Frome to avoid the bombing, and its workforce made a light entertainment concert radio broadcast as part of the 'Works Wonders' series; a copy of the recording on glass discs was made for posterity, and a silent amateur film was made of parts of the concert. Transcription copies of BBC broadcasts concerning D-Day ('Operation Overlord') have also been received.

The Bournemouth Orchestras collection contains recordings on disc of the Bournemouth Municipal Orchestra in the 1930s, and its leader Sir Dan Godfrey speaking at his farewell concert in 1934.

Amateur recordings on disc have also been deposited, notably direct cut recordings of extracts from BBC radio broadcasts, 1939-1944, including the voices of Winston Churchill and 'Lord Haw-Haw', and personal recordings which include the sound of an air raid over Ringwood, made by an unknown person from Bournemouth.

There is also an 'advert' for Edwin Jones's department store in Southampton 1938, made on aluminium base. This forms part of a message recorded by the depositor, using a special gramophone machine at the store. There are several other examples of message discs in WFSA.

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