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Wessex Film and Sound Archive

Local radio including hospital radio

A number of collections, some of them quite large, have been received from local radio stations. The archive of BBC Radio Solent, for example, consists of over 4,000 tapes which cover the period from when it started in 1970 up to 2000. There are many topics of local and general interest covered in the recordings, including news items, the weekly reviews On Reflection and The Week on Solent series, Norman Goodland's series, 4 June 1991 - 5 March 1995, local elections, music programmes, documentary programmes and series, religious programmes, special events, unedited material on the Falklands Conflict, the Mary Rose salvage, and off-cuts from series about shipping and aviation made by Robin Worman.

Radio Victory, broadcasting in Portsmouth from 1975 to 1986, also covered similar topics, as represented in its archive. In addition, a selection of recordings of local advertisements were retained, to reflect the commercial nature of this radio station. Related paper records also form part of the collection. Ocean Sound took over the independent local radio franchise from Radio Victory, and deposited examples of its programmes from 1986 to 1990, when more recordings were made. Radio 2-Ten is another commercial station, covering North Hampshire and Berkshire, which has deposited tapes of its output between 1976 and 1989.

Hospital radio stations are represented by Winchester Hospital Radio and Southampton Hospital Broadcasting. Representative samples of special items and interviews with local personalities are included, along with the County News series broadcast by the former station, 1987-1989.

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