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Working for Hampshire County Council

Working with adults

Working with Adults involves a variety of approaches and environments.  You may have to support someone through a temporary difficulty or it may be longer term.  Either case might involve complex problems requiring co-ordination with other services.  This is known as care management and would involve a formal assessment and written care plan agreed by all people and all services that come into play.  Or these cases could just require your direct support - in effect you are the service.  Some jobs involve both approaches.

There are many specialist areas.  For example, residential care work enables people with mental health problems or learning difficulties to live more independent lives in homes or hostels within the community.  You help residents with their personal and social skills, and provide practical guidance on budgeting and benefits.  You might also be looking at service provision, ensuring that what is offered to people from different ethnic backgrounds reflects their cultural or religious needs.

Another field is work with offenders, supervising them in the community, helping them to find jobs, and addressing problems to prevent re-offending.

You manage a caseload on an individual basis: making assessments, devising care plans, reviewing progress in partnership with each individual.

You could work with older people living at home, enabling them to make key decisions for themselves.  Here you become involved with their families and others who provide care.  The care management part of this role might include tackling social isolation, or helping older people to sort out problems with their housing or benefits.

With specilised training, you might work with people who have more acute mental health problems.  Or you may be a key member of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, working alongside nurses and doctors in hospitals or in the community.  You could otherwise be part of a specialist team working with adults with disabilities, co-ordinating with their families and other carers to help individuals to live as independently as possible.


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