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Working for Hampshire County Council

Our Corporate Priorities

Maximising wellbeing

This priority is about maintaining and improving quality of life and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to support themselves, be active in their community and have access to the services they need, whilst knowing that should things go wrong we are there to support them.

Residents tell us that generally quality of life in Hampshire is pretty good. However, there is still a job to be done in maintaining this standard and there is always room for improvement. Person Centred Planning helps people with learning disabilities to make their own choices and live as independently as possible by understanding their wishes and ambitions and then helping them to achieve them.

Being active in your community can mean different things to different people, but often the physical and mental health benefits are the same. For older people, we want to increase the number of community services so they can live independent lives for longer. For younger people youth groups and activity centres provide opportunities to try out archery, rock climbing and windsurfing. For people of all ages, we have arts centres, museums and country parks to be explored.

We make an excellent contribution to ensure that children and young people enjoy life and achieve. The Tellus2 survey of children and young people showed that on the whole they enjoy school and are proud of their achievements. This view is supported by school inspections where almost all children and young people are judged to enjoy school.

Having the opportunity to support yourself often requires access to jobs, skills and training. We have a number of initiatives which include establishing childcare in disadvantaged areas, helping people get back to work and promoting links between skills and training and business need.

Fair and equal access to services for residents is vital and it's our job to ensure that we make it as easy as possible, particularly for those that might otherwise have difficulty. When providing one service, there maybe others that can be offered at the same time. We have our first two Discovery Centres in Gosport and Winchester now open. Visitors dropping in to renew their books can also get online, visit a museum, meet friends for coffee or browse an art or local history exhibition at the same time.


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