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Working for Hampshire County Council


As a part of the employment checking process we need to take up formal references on all successful candidates, which must be taken up prior to an offer become firm or unconditional.

The purpose of the reference is to confirm a number of key points such as to confirm who your last employer was, what salary you were on, and whether there were any issues we should be aware of in relation to your employment with them.

In terms of who you should provide as a reference, we will normally require two acceptable references prior to you commencing employment with Hampshire County Council:

There will be some candidates who are not able to provide an employment reference (i.e. school leavers or people where this may be their first job). This is not a problem and we are able to accept a character reference which should be provided by someone who has known you for a considerable period of time.

You can help speed up the references process by letting your references know when you have been offered the role and to notify them that they will shortly be contacted for a reference, and ask whether they would return the information as quickly as possible to Hampshire County Council.


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