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Committee Membership Details

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Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority

Councillor Party and Current Office held (if any)
Bennison, John The Community Campaign (Hart)
Briggs, Ann Conservative
Burgess, Graham Conservative
Carter, Christopher Conservative Chairman
Chadd, Roz Conservative
Cooper, Mark Liberal Democrats
Fairhurst, Liz Conservative
Frankum, Jane Labour
Glen, Jonathan Conservative
Harrison, David Liberal Democrats
Hockley, Geoffrey Conservative
Mather, Fiona Conservative
McIntosh, Robin Conservative
Moore, Andy UK Independence
Pearce, Frank Conservative
Price, Roger Liberal Democrats
Simpson, David Liberal Democrats
Staplehurst, Mark UK Independence
Wall, John Conservative

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About the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority (HFRA)

Meeting dates and documents for Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority

A Hampshire Combination Scheme Order came into force on 20 November 1996, this Order created the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority (HFRA). The Authority is a statutory body which oversees the policy and service deliver of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, comprising twenty -five members (councillors) appointed by the constituent councils in proportion to the number of local government electors in their respective areas (Hampshire County Council ,Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils). At present the County Council appoints nineteen members and the City Councils three members each to the Authority.

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