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Committee Membership Details

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Culture and Communities Select Committee

Councillor Party and Current Office held (if any)
Bailey, Phil Liberal Democrats
Brooks, Zilliah Conservative
Chegwyn, Peter Liberal Democrats Spokesperson
Cully, Shaun Labour Spokesperson
Fawkes, Philip UK Independence Deputy
Glen, Jonathan Conservative
Gurden, Brian Liberal Democrats
Hooke, Tony No Affiliation
Kemp-Gee, Mark Conservative
Latham, Peter Conservative Deputy
Mather, Fiona Conservative
McNair Scott, Anna Conservative Chairman
Pearce, Frank Conservative Vice Chairman
Price, Roger Liberal Democrats Deputy
Rice, TD, Alan Conservative
Rolt, Timothy UK Independence Spokesperson
Rust, Frank Labour Deputy
Wall, John Conservative

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Scrutiny and Select Committees

Meeting dates and documents for Culture, Communities and Rural Affairs Select Committee.

Hampshire has a 'Leader and Cabinet' model of decision-making and an independent scrutiny function. The Cabinet is responsible for making decisions, and scrutiny holds the Executive to account for these decisions. Find out more about the Culture, Communities and Rural Affairs Select Committee.


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