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The Chairman of Hampshire County Council

Every year during May, the full County Council elects a new Chairman and Vice Chairman at its annual meeting. The Chairman must be a County Councillor, but not a member of the Cabinet. The position of Chairman is held for a period of one year only.

The current Chairman of Hampshire County Council is Councillor Jonathan Glen and he was elected as Chairman at the Annual County Council Meeting held on 22 May 2015.

The current Vice-Chairman is Councillor Keith Chapman MBE.

The Role of the Chairman

The Chairman of Hampshire County Council is the civic and ceremonial head of the Authority and represents the County Council at a variety of events and functions in Hampshire organised by businesses, churches, local district and borough authorities and many other organisations throughout the County. The Chairman also attends events which are organised by County Council Departments, such as opening of community homes, schools, youth clubs and museum exhibitions, etc. The Chairman is ambassadorial, "flying the flag" for Hampshire both within the County and, at times, in neighbouring authorities. The Chairman is the "first citizen" of the County of Hampshire.

The Chairman’s theme for this year is ‘Freedom and Democracy’ and will celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta.

Ceremonial duties include:

  • Being the politically impartial, neutral and non-executive civic and ceremonial head of the County Council
  • Promoting the interests and the reputation of the County Council and Hampshire and acting as an ambassador for both.
  • Carrying out civic, community and ceremonial activities and fostering community identity and pride.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Presiding over meetings of Full Council to ensure that its' business is carried out fairly and efficiently and to ensure that the meeting is conducted in accordance with Standing Orders of the Council, set out in the Rules of Procedure in Part 3 of the Constitution.
  • Ensuring that the Full Council meeting debates matters that concern the local community.
  • To uphold the Constitution.
  • To promote public involvement in the Council's activities.
  • To promote the Council's corporate strategy.


Protocol and Etiquette

Specifically, the Chairman will take precedence (a) during Royal Visits to the County, (b) at events organised by Hampshire County Council or (c) when on Hampshire County Council owned property. However, at events organised within one of the Hampshire Districts or Boroughs, and the event does not conform with (a), (b) or (c), the Mayor or Chairman of that District or Borough will take precedence.

It would be appreciated if the Chairman is met on arrival and escorted throughout the function.

The Chairman should be seated on the immediate right of the person presiding.

In conversation, the Chairman should be addressed as "Chairman".

The preamble for speeches (unless a member of the Royal Family or the Lord-Lieutenant or local Hampshire District/Borough Mayor/Chairman is present) is, "Chairman, Mr Mayor, Ladies and Gentlemen".


How to invite the Chairman of the County Council to an event or function

If you wish to invite the Chairman to attend an event, in the first instance, please send an invitation to:-

The Chairman's Office
The Castle
Hampshire SO23 8UJ

Please do not contact the Chairman direct or send correspondence to his/her home address.  All communication should come through the Chairman's Personal Assistant at The Castle.

The Chairman would also find it very useful if you could provide some background information about your organisation. This is especially important if you wish the Chairman to make a speech. Please tell us:

  • When your organisation started.
  • Your organisation's aims and activities.
  • Membership.
  • Achievements.
  • What do you consider to be special about your organisation?

If you have any queries, please contact the Chairman's Personal Assistant, Natalie Jones.

Telephone: 01962 846441


Councillor Jonathan Glen

Chairman of Hampshire County Council

Jonathan Glen was born in Scotland and studied Modern Languages at the University of St Andrews, before beginning his career with the Ministry of Defence. From there, he joined the De La Rue & Company Limited, the banknote and security printers based in Basingstoke, and later joined the financial services sector – setting up his own company in 1999.

He has lived in Hampshire for 33 years, and brings nearly three decades of local government experience to the role of Chairman. His career in public service began as a Hart District Councillor in 1991 (serving as Chairman of Hart from 2002 to 2003), and as a Hampshire County Councillor from 1997 – serving the Odiham division for the last 18 years. Within the County Council, he previously held separate periods of Cabinet office as Executive Member for Environment, Human Resources, and Economic Development.

Jonathan and his wife, Sharon, live in Rotherwick, near Hook and have three children. His hobbies include full-bore rifle shooting and running Scottish Country Dance events. He also has a passion for crosswords and Sudoku, and enjoys pottering around the garden when he has time.

He is now Chairman of Hampshire County Council.


Chairman of Hampshire County Council since 1974

  • 1973


    Lord Porchester DL (later became The Rt Hon the Earl of Carnavon KCVO KBE DL)

  • 1977


    L S L White MBE TD DL (later Sir Lynton White)

  • 1985


    C M Jones DL

  • 1987


    J Maynard

  • 1988


    Mrs S M Bartlet DL

  • 1989


    C M Jones DL

  • 1991


    R T Millard

  • 1992


    D Keep

  • 1993


    J Maynard

  • 1994


    K W E Lane

  • 1995


    G J Smith

  • 1996


    N A Best CBE DL

  • 1997


    Captain M Boyle DL

  • 1999


    F A J Emery-Wallis

  • 2001


    A R Rice TD

  • 2002


    P Hutcheson

  • 2003


    Mrs M Snaith

  • 2004


    J V Bryant

  • 2005


    J K West

  • 2006


    Mrs P West

  • 2007


    Mrs P Devereux

  • 2008


    M J Woodhall

  • 2009


    T Knight

  • 2010


    Mrs C Leversha

  • 2011


    Mrs A McNair Scott

  • 2012


    A Joy

  • 2013


    K Thornber CBE

  • 2014


    C Davidovitz BEM


Contact infomation

Chairman's Office
The Castle
Hampshire SO23 8UJ

Telephone: 01962 846441


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