Minstead Study Centre

Information for children

You are really going to enjoy your visit to Minstead.

Jumping in a puddle!

Exciting activities, friends, being outdoors, food, comfy bed and plenty of things to keep you busy…


The dormitory

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You will be staying in the eco dormitory, each with your own bed and clothes drawer. But remember, every drop of water you use, every watt of electricity, will be monitored. How do you keep clean, and use resources sensibly?

Do you know how to make your bed?

Have you got your tooth brush?

Will the dormitory be tidy when the inspector calls?

Working as a team


The Wild Woods

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Dressed for the forest, with water and supplies to last, you will set off from the “Blue circle” in search of wild animals, amazing bouncing bogs, a silent walk, listening to the sounds of the woods, identifying the camouflaged,

The Sky on a winters night

A walk in the grounds follows an introduction to the sky on the interactive whiteboard. An ancient stone circle, predicting where the sun will rise and set, an armillary to show the suns transit across the sky, evenings will never be the same again

Stories in the round house

Learn an ancient story and match it with one of the story panels on the dormitory.


A typical day

  • 8am Breakfast
  • 9am Morning sessions
  • 11am Break
  • 11.30am Second session
  • 1pm Lunch
  • 1.30pm Afternoon Session
    Walk in the wild woods/walk in the village/explore the Field
  • 5pm Tea
  • 6pm Evening session
  • 8pm Hot chocolate and off to bed