Drive Well With Shell

A Heritage100 Project between The National Motor Museum and Brockenhurst College

This project is the result of a partnership between the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu and Brockenhurst College. Following on from previous work in 2012, and using the theme of ‘Days Out’, the students have created their own modern interpretation of posters in the Shell Art Collection, taking inspiration from the works from the 1920s to 1950s and using the campaign title ‘Drive Well With Shell’.


Through the project, which took place as part of the college course for first year visual arts students, the group worked in pairs and as individuals to produce a final piece poster for display using unfamiliar methods such as screen printing and stitching. These posters promote not only oil and petrol, but also motoring itself, a day-trip destination or the customers using the product. As in the original Shell campaigns some of the work demonstrates use of language to portray a message, while other pieces focus on appealing to female drivers, tying in with Shells early support of votes for women. With the help of Shell Brands International AG, the exhibition has been displayed in a specially produced education space in the museum.

The student’s feedback on taking part was very positive – it was an unusual experience and allowed them greater freedom than they were usually afforded in their college work.

“I enjoyed the freedom” of the brief (Abby)

“The brief was very open to interpretation” (Holly).

“It was a great opportunity” (College teacher)

The project has resulted in stronger partnerships between all organisations involved which it is hoped will be further developed in the future, while using an important national collection to inspire young people and their creative output.  



Poster by Nat Henshaw & Harry Thorpe
Poster by Holly Broomfield and Tegan Thrower
Poster by Will Blunt