Mini Museums - New Routes to Learning and Engagement

Helping a Residential home to create a ‘mystery objects’ exhibition. Working with a local school to create their own time capsule. Enabling the development of a website created by a local Society.

These are just a few of over 40 ‘Mini Museums’ that Hampshire County Council Arts and Museums Service helped local people to develop in 2011 and 2012.

Explore four of these projects

" "Video conferencing is a case study in providing virtual access to collections. It describes how SEARCH in Gosport helped a British Forces school in Germany experience a Victorian Christmas online.
" "Gosport buses and trams will take you to an engaging online exhibition, that explores the history of Provincial buses in Fareham and Gosport. It has been created by the Provincial Society, with web expertise provided by the Museums Service and a freelance web consultant.
" "Talking Points is an online photographic library. It has been created by one of our Learning and Community Engagement Officers, who has extensive experience carrying out reminiscence work, facilitating this work in Residential homes.
" "Danebury Online provides a taste of the material and collections we hold, that relate to Danebury Iron Age hill fort. It aims to enthuse people with the history of the site, and encourage them volunteer with Hampshire County Council’s Countryside Service.

Mini Museums

Mini Museums are a series of projects that the Museums Service has carried out in partnership with local schools, families and community groups.

They are funded through the national Renaissance programme.

Each project is intended to provide a greater level or depth of engagement than we might offer in a one off talk, education session, or workshop.

They allow our audience to actively participate and negotiate access to the collections, in ways which are meaningful to them.

Heritage 100

Heritage 100, another Renaissance funded project that we have been working on with partners in Hampshire.

MLA Renaissaance