KS3 Music

a professional development programme

Activity Resource LG 4: A review of current practice

In order to review your current practice against the aims of the programme, print Activity Resource LG6. This provides a set of statements for each unit – for each statement you should evaluate your practice and place a tick in the column according to your current practice.

  1. Reflects current practice: this is a strong feature of your practice and it is secure. The impact on pupils’ learning is clearly evident.
  2. Some further development required: this is a feature of your practice, but it is not a regular focus and needs to be integrated more readily into everyday practice. The impact on pupils’ learning is usually evident.
  3. Further development required: this is only occasionally a feature of your practice, and is not always successful when used. The impact on pupils’ learning is sometimes evident.
  4. Significant attention needed: this is currently not a routine part of your practice and is an area for development. The impact on pupils’ learning is not evident.

When you have completed the review, you will be able to identify which unit(s) will be most effective in helping you to review and refine your practice. Generally, all teachers are advised to undertake Unit 1 first, but use the review to identify which units to undertake next: those with greatest number of 3s or 4s will be the units(s) which are likely to be most helpful.

You can also use the Routes section of the site to identify alternative ways through the programme, and in particular how to use specific parts of units to address essential school, departmental or personal targets.