From: Niner, Holly (NE) []
Sent: 16 April 2010 12:15
To: Davey, Julia
Cc: Planning and Development Group
Subject: PLAN/JD/HR100 Use of exisiting industrial building as a sustainable waste materials recycling facility

Dear Julia,


I hope you’re well.


I’ve been looking at this consultation and I can see no reference to its location in terms of designated sites. It’s approximately 550 m form the Thames Basin Heaths SPA and Castle Bottom to Yateley and Hawley Commons SSSI and approximately 600m from the Blackwater Valley SSSI.


Our main concerns lie with the impacts of increased HGV traffic using roads that run directly adjacent to the Thames Basin Heaths SPA (such as the Reading Road B3272). From looking at the Transport Plan I believe that this development could result in an increase of over 10% in HGV use of this road and as such would require an Air Quality Assessment (please see the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges – Standards for Highways).


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Holly Niner

Western Area Government Team

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