Log in to ESS Lite


You will require your personnel number - if you don’t know this ask your line manager, password and memorable word to log in to ESS Lite.

Problems registering?

Contact CIC on 0300 555 0223 if you're having issues logging in.

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Open log in screen

For information

If you are logged into your organisation's network click on the ESS link on the links bar in your web browser.

If you are not logged into your organisation's network, the step by step instructions on this page describe how you need to log in. If you have not yet registered for ESS Lite, you will need to do so by following the registration guidance before logging in.

Open a web browser (ie Internet Explorer or Google Chrome), enter selfserve.hants.gov.uk into the address field (do not enter www.) then press Enter or Return on your keyboard or device.

For information

If you are using Safari on an Apple device, you will not be able to access ESS Lite if your Block Cookies setting is Always. If you need to check or change this, go into Settings, then Safari and finally Block Cookies, update as appropriate.

If you have registered for ESS Lite, press Sign in.

Self Serve home page

The ESS Lite log in screen will open.

ESS Lite logon screen

Enter your login details

On the log in screen type in your:

  • Logon name - your personnel number
  • Password - the password you set up when you registered

Click Sign in.

You will then be asked to enter three characters from your memorable word. Enter the required characters and click Submit.

The Your applications and services page will open.

If you have more than one job with your employer you will be able to see a drop-down on the top right of the screen. You can use this to change between employment details within ESS Lite.

Staff with multiple employments

Find your personnel number

If you have forgotten your personnel number ask your line manager to look it up for you in the IBC Portal.

Reset your password

If you have forgotten your password but do still remember your memorable word, follow the instructions to Open logon screen above, then select the link to reset your password.

Reset password link

Follow the instructions on screen. Enter the characters from your memorable word as requested.

If your new password is not accepted you will need to contact the IT Service Desk

Reset your account

If you have forgotten both your password and memorable word, you can reset your account. Follow the instructions to Open logon screen above, then select the link to reset your account. You will need your Personnel number to be able to reset your account.

Reset account link

Follow the instructions on screen.

Your new password cannot be one you have used previously, contain your name, or be the same as your memorable word.

Change my details

If you can remember your password and memorable word but want to change them, or you want to change the personal email address that you added when you registered for ESS Lite you can update your details.

Log out

There are different ways to log off depending on where you are in ESS Lite.

  • From the initial landing page click the Sign out button at the bottom of the screen as shown below:

    Sign out button

  • From within ESS Lite

    Either press Logout:
    or press the cog button, followed by Log Out:
    Cog button logout option


When accessing ESS Lite on any shared or public computer, you must log out properly to avoid exposing your personal data to subsequent users of the computer. When you have finished your session, close down all web browser windows - not just the tab that contains ESS Lite - by using the cross in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Close your browser

Problem solving

Problems logging in?

  • Have you registered for ESS Lite?
  • Ensure your logon details are correct. You can check your personnel number with your line manager.
  • Forgotten your password? If so, reset your password.
  • Forgotten your password and memorable word? If so reset your account.
  • Still having problems then use the Getting help page where you will find details to enable you make an online enquiry or speak with a member of the Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) team.