My team


Click on the HR folder then the My Team tile.

The My Team Home screen will open. It is divided into three areas:

  • Team - view information about team members (including training history)
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries - view your team birthdays and anniversaries (ie date employment started)
  • Substitutes - set up substitutes to deal with your Worklist in your absence, and activate your access to your colleagues’ Worklists.

Team home screen


Detailed Team View

Click on Detailed Team View to see your team structure.


If your team structure is not correct use the IBC Enquiry form to notify the IBC of the change needed.

Team detailed view

What you see here will vary depending upon how your structure has been built.

The information here is the same as what you see when you click on the Organisation tile and then View team structure. See the View Team Structure guide for more information about this.

Click the cross (X) in the top right of the screen to return to the My Team Home screen.


Click on the drop down arrow next to this field and you can alternate between the Employees and Org Units and Positions view.

  • Employees - view the individuals in your team. Hover over an employee to see more information, click the plus (+) sign to see information on who reports into the employee or click on the Menu icon on the right of the box to view Personal Profile, view Training History, Upload Photo or Document Upload.
    team display detail
    Upload Photo
    If you want to upload a photo of a team member, click on the Menu icon on the right of the box, then choose Upload Photo. In the new window that opens, click the pencil next to the employee's name, then click Browse.
    Locate the photo you want to use, then click Upload. Click Save, then close the window. The image will be displayed in your team view the following day.
  • Org Units and Positions - view a top level of organisational units. Hover over an org unit to see more information and click on the plus (+) sign at the bottom right corner of the box to see positions in the units or a lower level of org units.

    team org units

Watch a demo of this...

Birthdays and anniversaries

The calendar and all information displayed in this area will default to the current month. Click on the arrows at the top of the calendar to go to previous or next month/s.

To the left of the calendar you will see employees with birthdays and anniversaries (ie the date an employee started) in the selected month.

Tip: Use the refresh button in the top left of your screen to ensure the most up to date birthday information is showing for your team. This is particularly relevant for large teams or for schools viewing this information. Once the data has refreshed, you will see an Update completed message directly below the refresh button.
Update completed



If you are a manager your substitute must be someone who has the same IT access as you and who is also a manager above you in the hierarchy in your organisational structure eg your line manager or their line manager. If this is not the case your substitute will only be able to approve leave requests.

See the Substitutes guidance for information on how to set up your substitutes or take on a substitution.

ePF upload

To upload a document to an employee’s personnel file, click on the Menu icon on the right of the box, then choose Document Upload.

In the new window that opens, enter a Title for the document, then select the appropriate Document Type from the drop down list. Click Browse.

Locate the document, then click Upload.

This document will form part of the employee’s electronic personnel file within HantsFile.