Health and Wellbeing Services

Confidentiality and Data Protection

“All communication between staff working within the Health and Wellbeing Service will be on a professional basis and thus purposeful, respectful  and consistent with the management of confidences as declared to clients.”

As Hampshire County Council employees, our practices are governed by a data protection policy and the Data Protection Act.

In addition, we know that confidentiality is a fundamental part of the health professional/patient relationship.

Information obtained will be stored on our database within the department and only staff of the Health and Wellbeing department have access to the information strictly on a need to know basis. To improve the service, information may be shared by staff within the team to  benefit from the wide range of knowledge we have within the department.

Information of a medical or confidential nature shared with the Occupational Health Practitioner / Counsellor / Physician will not be disclosed unless specific consent has been obtained beforehand.