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Councillor attendance

If you would like to view Councillor data by individual, please take a look at our Find your Councillor website.

The following report records attendance at formal meetings where the member concerned has been formally appointed to serve on that body. It does not include those meetings where the Chairman of a meeting may have invited members who are not formally appointed to that Committee or panel, to attend and speak on business in connection with his/her duty as a member of the Council, or to attend as a local representative, which many members do. It does however include meetings of Hampshire Police Authority and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority.

Similarly the database does not record specific reasons for absence such as if a County Councillor is absent on another public duty, representing the County Council elsewhere or unwell.

Councillors have a much broader, community representative role that extends beyond simply their attendance at formal local authority meetings and a simple list of attendance does not reflect the full and wide ranging activities that they undertake in the discharge of their responsibilities. These include ward surgeries, Parish or District Council meetings, training events and party political group meetings.

County Councillors have an important role in representing, supporting and promoting the interests of their constituency and the communities within it and acting as a link between those local communities and the County Council, therefore a great deal of time is spent, for example, following up issues, all forms of correspondence and telephone calls.

The report does not record attendance in respect of County Councillors' other areas of work as these meetings are not managed by Hampshire County Council, such as:

  • District or Parish Council meetings

  • Constituency work including surgeries

  • Political Party meetings

  • Training events

  • Civic duties

  • Attendance at County Council meetings at the invitation of the Chairman

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Councillor attendance


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6 May 2013

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30 June 2014

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24 January 2014

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