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Councillor allowances

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Hampshire County Council has a statutory requirement to publish a list of County Councillors’ allowances, claimed each year.

To ensure that they are not financially penalised for carrying out their County Council duties, Councillors receive from the Council an allowance or allowances.

The allowances paid to Councillors are contained within the County Council's Members' Allowances Scheme.

County Councillors (or elected members as they are also known) are not paid a salary nor do they draw a wage. Councillors are awarded an allowance that is intended to recognise the time commitment including such things as meetings with constituents and Council officers, and attendance at meetings, both those arranged by the County Council and those of other organisations that the elected member may be appointed to as a representative of the County Council.

All Councillors receive a basic allowance of £12,003 per year to carry out their duties serving Hampshire’s 1.28 million residents. These include:

  • preparing for and attending all formal and informal meetings that they are invited to

  • meetings with constituents

  • dealing with enquiries from their constituents

Some elected members receive an additional allowance for any special responsibility that they might have as a member of the County Council, such as being a Cabinet member or a committee Chairman.

Just like payment of a salary, all allowances are subject to the appropriate rates of Income Tax and National Insurance.

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