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Major private sector employers in Hampshire

Location of Hampshire’s major private sector employers, including approximate number of employees, addresses and sector type. The data set is defined as a private sector company, with a head office or significant regional office located in Hampshire, with more than 200 employees across the county'

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Major private sector employers in Hampshire





Geographic Area

All Hampshire


Economic Development


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Publish date

November 2015


Licence to reuse Hampshire County Council open data

Dataset notes

  • Employee number estimates are approximate at time of publishing.

  • If employee numbers are 0 then we have been unable to estimate the figure due to restructuring, company changes etc.

  • While the precise address details are included within the attribute information the point locations (for files above) are displayed at post code center point level.

  • Companies listed are only represented by one location, if a company has multiple sites only the key head office location is shown.

  • Only major companies and locations are included i.e a retail company will not include employee numbers at retail stores