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New Volunteers

The volunteer driver campaign has generated a great deal of interest in recent months. The following comments from new recruits give an insight into why they took up volunteering:-

Dave and Karolina have recently started driving their cars for Botley Neighbourcare, a voluntary car scheme that helps people get to hospital and to their GP.

Dave said:

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“I started volunteering as I enjoy driving, so I am happy to take someone to a hospital appointment. Helping others out and giving back to the local community is hugely satisfying and a boost to my self esteem.”

Karolina said:

“I always wanted to give something back to the community. It’s a great feeling to help somebody. I know enough time in advance so I can plan my volunteering around my day-to-day life.”

Barry and Eddie both volunteer for Yelabus in Yateley and drive a minibus.

Eddie said:

“Being self employed, volunteering does not impact on my work as I can let the co coordinator know if there are any clashes. I feel I have contributed in a small way to our clients being able to enjoy a morning or afternoon out instead of being ‘cooped up’ in their own four walls. Their ‘thank you’s’ make volunteering worthwhile."

Barry said:

Driving is an activity I like doing and want to do something positive with my time. I am currently semi retired but plan to do more when I am fully retired. The role is more than just driving and I get a great sense of satisfaction helping people that are less able.