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Burley Taxishare (35)

What is the Burley Taxishare (35)

It is a public transport service for passengers who need to travel from Lyndhurst, Burley or Ringwood Town Centre.

A taxishare is similar to a bus service only a 'taxi' picks passengers up instead of a bus. The service runs to a timetable just as a bus would, and passengers book themselves a seat to travel.


Where can I travel to?

Pre-booked passengers will be able to travel to and from Ringwood Town Centre, Burley, Burley Street or Lyndhurst Town Centre

The taxi will pick you up from your nearest bus stop from the following list:

  • Chubbs Farm (Burley)

  • Pound Farm (Burley)

  • Warnes Lane (Burley)

  • Coach House (Burley)

  • Queens Head (Burley)

  • Burley School (Burley)

  • Burley Street (Burley)

  • The Lyndhurst Park Hotel (Lyndhurst)

  • Crown Inn (Lyndhurst)

  • Meeting House Lane (Ringwood)

If you are unable to get to a bus stop due to a mobility issue you may be picked up from your home address. Please discuss this when you register.


Can anyone use this carshare?

Anyone who needs to travel from Lyndhurst, Burley or Ringwood Town Centre is able to use the Burley Taxishare.


When can I travel?

The service operates Monday to Saturday.

Burley '35' Taxishare timetable

Where will I get dropped off?

You can be dropped off at any of the bus stops listed in the 'Where will I get picked up from' section.


What does it cost?

Lyndhurst to Ringwood: £4.90 single / £6.60 return

Burley to Ringwood: £3.70 single / £5.60 return

Lyndhurst to Burley: £4.50 single / £6.00 return.

If you have a Hampshire County Council disabled person's bus pass you can travel free on this service. If you have a Hampshire County Council older person's bus pass you can travel for free on any journey departing from your stop after 09:30. If you have a pass issued by any other English Local Authority you can travel for free on any journey departing from your stop after 09:30.  In all cases show your pass to the Taxishare/Carshare driver each time you travel otherwise you will need to pay.

Children under 16 years old and over five years old can travel for half price. Children under five years old may travel for free.


How do I book?

Firstly you must register by calling 01962 846786. You will then be sent membership information  with the booking number to ring when you would like to travel.

To use the service you must book your seat. Please book by 4pm the day before you wish to travel. You can book as far in advance as you like.

For more information on any of the Taxishare and Carshares in Hampshire please call the Community Transport Team on 01962 846786.

Details of any Taxishare/ Carshare schemes in your area can be found by using the Transport Search.


A leaflet about the service is available to download below. The leaflet is in a PDF format and an Adobe Reader plug-in may be required to access this document.

Burley Carshare Leaflet Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 118kb (35)

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