Public, Community & School Transport

Community Transport in your area

  • Search for Community Transport

    This search is for individuals who need to find suitable transport which will meet their specific needs. This could be transport such as minibuses that may come to your door, car schemes that help with transport to medical appointments and taxi companies that have wheelchair accessible vehicles.

  • Community Transport services in your area

    This section includes details of all community transport services in your district available to individuals. This includes mopeds, taxi and carshares, Dial A Ride and car schemes as well as many others.

  • Search for a minibus to hire in your area

    The minibus search allows groups such as voluntary organisations and schools and colleges to find details of minibuses to hire in their area. Over 450 minibuses are owned and operated by voluntary organisations, local schools and colleges, and used to meet the local transport needs of a range of groups. If you belong to a group and wish to hire a minibus then you can find details of the numbers in your area by using the minibus search.

Community Transport Glossary

The glossary gives a description of each type of transport in order that you can decide which service would suit your needs best.