Public, Community & School Transport

Community Transport Glossary

Call & Go bus service (available in Basingstoke, East Hampshire, Havant and the New Forest)

Call & Go is a bookable bus service for anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Live more than 400 metres from an available bus stop.
  • Do not have access to a car when required and there is no bus service running when you need to travel.
  • Be disabled or have a mobility or sensory impairment which makes using buses difficult.

You need to register to use the service and phone to book your journey. Bookings are allocated on a first come first served basis. Fares are similar to normal bus fares. The minibus will collect you from a mutually agreeable point (or from your door if you are mobility impaired) and take you to your required destination.

Call & Go minibuses are specially adapted with handrails and low steps to help passengers. Each vehicle is equipped with a lift or ramp to assist wheelchair and walking frame users and people carrying children in.

Cango bus service (available in Alresford/Basingstoke, Andover and the New Forest)

Cango is a bus service that can respond to your needs - the route is not fixed, but is flexible and the bus can travel here and there as needed. All the Cango bus services are available to any member of the public in the operating areas. You can get on the bus at either a 'timed' or 'bookable' stopping point. Cango bus services are operated with vehicles which are low floor and wheelchair accessible. Our drivers have also been trained to help passengers with special needs to board and alight vehicle. Depending on where you live if you are mobility impaired we may be able to come right to your door.

Community buses (available in Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Havant, Rushmoor & Hart, Test Valley and Winchester)

Community buses provide timetabled local bus services in rural communities. These bus services are organised and driven by volunteers. Buses are specially adapted with handrails and low steps to help passengers. Each vehicle is equipped with a lift or ramp to assist wheelchair and walking frame users.

Dial a Ride (available Basingstoke, East Hampshire, Eastleigh, Fareham & Gosport, Rushmoor, Test Valley and Winchester)

Dial a Ride is a door to door service for anyone who finds it difficult or impossible to use ordinary bus services. You can use this service if you have a mobility or sensory impairment which means that you cannot use or have difficulty, or discomfort, using bus services. You do not have to be registered disabled or a wheelchair user.

You will need to register to use the service and phone to book your journey. Bookings are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The minibus will collect you from your door at the arranged time and take you to your destination. The well trained and friendly drivers will help you in and out of the minibus.

Dial a Ride minibuses are specially adapted with handrails and low steps to help passengers. Each vehicle is equipped with a lift or ramp to assist wheelchair and walking frame users.

Minibuses for Hire (available countywide)

Over 450 minibuses are owned and operated by voluntary organisations, local schools and colleges, and used to meet the local transport needs of a range of groups which cannot be met through conventional bus services.

Minibuses are available in your area for group hire. If you belong to a group and wish to hire a minibus then you can find details of the numbers in your area by using the Minibus Search facility.

Shopmobility (available in Andover, Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Fareham, Gosport, Havant, New Forest, Petersfield, and Winchester)

Shopmobility schemes loan out powered or manual wheelchairs and scooters to enable people to do their shopping independently or to use other facilities within the town centre.

Anyone who has difficulty getting around on foot, either permanently or temporarily, can use the service.

Taxishares and Carshares

(available in Basingstoke, East Hampshire, Eastleigh, Fareham, Hart Havant, New Forest, Test Valley and Winchester)

A taxishare or carshare is similar to a bus service only a 'taxi/private hire vehicle' picks passengers up instead of a bus. These services are often put in place when a bus service no longer operates in the area and can be known as either a Taxishare or Carshare.

Eligibility differs from service to service. For some taxishares or carshares anyone who lives in a particular village or road can use them and for others passengers need to fit certain criteria to be eligible.

All taxishares and carshares are bookable. This means that to use them you must first book your place in the car. The services will run even if you are the only person in the car. However, they will not run if nobody has booked them. Most services run to a set timetable, just like a bus.

Transport to Hospital (available countywide)

Several organisations in your area can provide transport to hospital appointments or visiting or both. These services are much in demand and it is important to use them correctly.

If you cannot use public transport then try contacting one of the voluntary organisations or car schemes which can be found in our transport search.

Voluntary Care Groups (available countywide)

A network of Voluntary Care Groups operates throughout the district. These groups offer a variety of services including voluntary car transport. Volunteers use their own cars to transport people who find it difficult to use public transport. Journeys are usually local, although this will vary according to the care group. Groups usually ask for a contribution towards travel costs. Please ask for details when speaking to the co-ordinator.

Voluntary Organisations providing individual transport (available countywide)

A number of voluntary organisations provide transport for individuals. In most cases, these services rely on volunteer drivers who use their own car. Passengers will generally be asked to contribute towards the cost of this transport, although rates will vary between organisations.

If you meet their user criteria and they have enough volunteer drivers to meet your request, then these organisations may be able to provide you with transport.

Trips are mainly local, although some are long-distance. Some schemes will take you anywhere you want to go, but others will only take you on local trips to hospital for appointments, to doctors' surgeries, or to collect prescriptions.

Wheels to Work (available in East Hampshire, New Forest, Test Valley and Winchester)

The Wheels to Work moped loan scheme is designed for people aged between 16 and 25 who don't have access to public or private transport to get them to a job, vocational training or to attend interviews. A moped can be loaned for 3 to 12 months depending on your circumstances.

To be eligible for the scheme users must live in one of the areas where the scheme is operating, have no access to public transport, have no access to private transport, need to access employment or employment related training; or are actively seeking work and be referred by an agency, employer or, where this is not possible, have referred themselves.