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For more information contact the Wheels to Work Co-ordinator on 01425 481546 or email: or


Wheels to Work

What is Wheels to Work?

The Wheels to Work moped loan scheme is designed for people who don't have access to public or private transport to get them to a job, vocational training or to attend interviews. A moped can be loaned for 3 to 12 months depending on your circumstances.

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Moped Loans Schemes are currently operating in:

  • East Hampshire District

  • New Forest District

  • Test Valley Borough

  • Winchester District

One example is the moped loan scheme which provides short term loan of a moped to youths in order to access training and job opportunities. Once the young people have been earning for a few months and their employment is secured, they are encouraged to move on towards addressing their own travel arrangements.


Who can use Wheels to Work?

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To be eligible for the scheme users must:-

  • Live in one of the areas where the scheme is operating.

  • Be aged 16+ if you live in East Hampshire or Winchester or aged 16-25 if you live in the New Forest or Test Valley.

  • Have no access to suitable public transport

  • Have no access to private transport

  • Need to access employment or employment related training; or are actively seeking work (need to attend interviews etc)

  • Be referred by an agency, employer or, where this is not possible, have referred themselves.


What included?

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A 50cc or 125cc moped, fully taxed and insured, with full breakdown and service cover. You are also provided with a helmet, gloves, high visibility vest, a locking device and CBT Training.


How much does it cost?

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There will be a £17 (under 21) and £17.50 (for 21+) weekly charge to loan a 50cc moped.

There will be a £19 (under 21) and £20 (for 21+) weekly charge to loan a 125cc moped.

You must have at least a provisional licence for motorcycles, which you are responsible for obtaining and pass your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). If you haven't already passed this we will arrange that for you and even pay for it.


How do you apply?

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For an application form and further details, contact the

Wheels to Work Co-ordinator on 01425 481546 or email: for New Forest and Test Valley

or for Winchester and East Hampshire

The application should ideally be supported by a referring agent, who can be anyone who works with young people in a professional capacity (eg. Youth Service, Connexions, JobCentre Plus). They could even be the current or potential employer or, if none of the above is possible, then you may be self-refer.

A guarantor is also needed for the financial commitment being made. Guarantors could be the referring agent, employer or a parent/guardian.


How do I find out more?

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The Wheels to Work scheme is operated by Community First New Forest.

For further information, to check eligibility or to make a referral please contact the

Wheels to Work Co-ordinator on 01425 481546 or email: or  

Alternatively you can contact Hampshire County Council on 01962 846785 or email

Wheels to Work is supported by Hampshire County Council, East Hampshire District Council, New Forest District Council and Winchester City Council.