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Planning a Journey

Vehicle and passenger ferries depart from Portsmouth for destinations in France and northern Spain, and from Southampton, Portsmouth and Lymington to the Isle of Wight. 

Most ferry operators can offer advice or assistance, provided you contact them well in advance, and inform them of any special needs when booking your journey. Most operators also advise that you arrive early, especially if you use a wheelchair, so that staff can help you onto the ferry before the car deck is full.

If you are travelling by car, the loading officer can have your car placed next to a lift, but again, you should arrange this well in advance and arrive in plenty of time. You will not normally have to leave your car before boarding the ferry if you have booked in advance, but you may be asked to leave the vehicle for a customs search when you disembark. It helps if your car can be easily identified; for example, by displaying a Blue Badge.

If you are travelling on foot, check the boarding arrangements, as you will normally have to board the ferry by a gangway or flight of steps. If this causes a problem, you should ask to use the vehicle ramp and then the lift, if there is one. 

Wheelchair passengers without a car can also board the ferry via the vehicle ramp. 

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