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Refresher Training Information for Minibus Drivers

The information on this page applies to minibus drivers from organisations that have joined MiDAS and who are due for Refresher Training. It outlines what is involved in Refresher Training and how this will affect existing minibus drivers.


MiDAS has now been recognised nationally as a scheme that can enhance the driving and passenger awareness skills of many thousands of individuals who drive minibuses in the course of their work or as volunteers. Together, drivers, Driver Assessor/Trainers and MiDAS members have a responsibility to ensure that, by their actions, MiDAS continues to be seen as the leading minibus driver training scheme in the UK:
  • Organisations that are members of MiDAS have a responsibility to follow the MiDAS commitment that they have signed up to. This involves ensuring that their Driver Assessor/Trainers and drivers have the time and resources to meet their own responsibilities under the scheme.
  • Driver Assessor/Trainers have a responsibility to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for improving driving skills and for delivering competent training to drivers.
  • Drivers have the ultimate responsibility for driving and caring for their passengers. At the end of the day, it is the safety record of drivers alone that will have the most lasting influence on how successful MiDAS is.
The success of MiDAS can be demonstrated by the number of drivers who have so far received certificates. Some 92,000 drivers across the country had obtained MiDAS certificates by the start of 2013. Over 17,000 of those drivers have been assessed and trained in Hampshire


Why the Refresher Training?

Refresher Training is designed to maintain and improve the overall standard of MiDAS. The initial assessment and training that you receive is seen as the first, although very important, step in your minibus driving career. That’s why under MiDAS you are required to attend a Refresher training session every four years.

Driver Assessor/Trainers also attend Refresher Training. They receive new information and training resources and learn how to run Refresher Training sessions for drivers.


How Refresher Training will affect you:

You will be required to attend a classroom-based Refresher Training session. This will generally be as part of a group, although there may be some occasions when this takes place on an individual basis. Your Driver Assessor/Trainer will provide you with details of the practical arrangements for your session.

During Refresher Training you will:

  • Meet and share experiences with other drivers
  • Offer feedback on the scheme, which will influence the future development of MiDAS and Refresher Training sessions
  • Receive good information on changes to legislation and good practice which have emerged since you attended your initial training
  • Receive Refresher Training on key MiDAS training topics
  • Have the opportunity to ask any questions about MiDAS
  • Take a theory test assessment at the end of your Refresher Training.

You will also be required to take another driving assessment as part of your Refresher Training. However, in certain circumstances, such as you being convicted of a driving offence or having been involved in a road traffic accident, you organisation may decide to re-assess your driving skills earlier. It is up to your organisation to decide when this is appropriate.

After you have satisfactorily completed Refresher Training you will receive a new certificate. This will include passing a theory assessment and a driving assessment. Your new certificate will be valid for another four years. At the end of this period you will need to attend a Refresher Training session again. You will receive details of the arrangements for this nearer the time.


What happens if I don't attend Refresher Training?

If you do not attend Refresher Training then you will no longer be able to drive any minibuses owned or operated by MiDAS members, including your own organisation’s minibuses, once your current certificate expires.

For further information about Refresher Training you should contact your Driver Assessor/Trainer. If you do not have a Driver Assessor/Trainer, then you should contact the Community Transport Training Co-ordinator direct on (01962) 846785 or e-mail the Community Transport team at to find out how you can receive Refresher Training.